Can a Metal Roof Help in Natural Disasters?

30 October 23

With hurricane season in full force, and winter storms ahead, we know natural disasters can strike at any time, and when they do, your roof becomes your first line of defense. That’s why many people are leaning on Upstate Metal Supply for our expertise when it comes to weathering the storm. So what is the truth behind a metal roof? Can it really help preserve your home during a natural disaster?

The answer is a resounding yes! Metal roofing offers a range of benefits that can make a significant difference when mother nature strikes. Here are the reasons why we agree:

1. Durability: Metal roofs are built tough! They can withstand high winds, heavy snow loads, and even hail better than traditional asphalt shingles. This durability is a lifesaver when tornadoes, hurricanes, or winter storms.

2. Fire Resistance: Metal is non-combustible, making it a smart choice in areas prone to wildfires. They can help protect your home from airborne embers and sparks that can ignite traditional roofing materials.

3. Waterproofing: Properly installed metal roofs are virtually leak-proof. This means they can prevent water damage during torrential rains or flash floods, which are common occurrences in many areas of the Upstate.

4. Longevity: Metal roofs have a longer lifespan compared to other roofing materials. They won’t deteriorate as quickly due to extreme weather conditions, saving you money on frequent roof replacements. Upstate Metal offers a 40-year warranty on all colors and a 25-year warranty on Galvalume panels.

5. Energy Efficiency: Some metal roofs come with reflective coatings that can reduce your energy bills by keeping your home cooler in hot weather and insulating it during the cold months. At Upstate Metal Supply, all of our 3 ft. 29-gauge steel panels and standing seam panels meet government standards for solar energy reflectance.

While metal roofs have numerous advantages in natural disasters, it’s essential to consult with our experts to ensure a proper metal selection for your specific location and needs. When it comes to safeguarding your home from the unpredictable forces of nature, a metal roof can be a game-changer. So, don’t wait for the next storm to hit – consider upgrading to a metal roof today and enjoy peace of mind with Upstate Metal Supply.